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02 9748 4778

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Georges Hall, NSW

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Supplying quality products for over 50 years.
Our Company

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For over 50 years, AA Group has been a supplier of highly specialist hospital, laboratory and office ancillary equipment. You may know us by the following names:

AA Hospital Equipment Co

Ward charting, patient record systems and specialised trolleys

AA Matting Solutions

Workplace HSE equipment such as interlocking work area mats, floor matting systems

Accounting Aids

Specialist equipment, eg. mail trolleys, filing systems, ergonomic workstation solutions

Our new website represents a consolidation and re-launch of AA Group. With a proud history of simple yet unique and innovative solutions to workplace problems, AA Group is able to offer you a fresh new approach, an alternative to department store type office equipment solutions. AA Group is proud to offer you solutions which demonstrate creative thinking, we can even build you a bespoke solution if required.