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Patient Charting & Record Systems

Supplying quality products for over 50 years.
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Patient Record Filing & Ward Charting Equipment

AA Hospital Equipment Co has been involved with the development of specialist ward charting systems for over 50 years.

The systems developed fall under two basic categories; ward station based and bed based. Bed based chart holders are used for non-confidential information such as temperature charts, blood pressure, fluid balance and history of drugs administered.

More confidential personal information such as history of surgery and doctors notes are normally kept in a chart holder which is held in the nurses station.


Standard Items Available

Nurse's station based patient record chart systems

Typical nurse’s station based systems consist of a stainless steel trolley with enough space for a chart for each bed in the ward. The trolley may be wheeled from room to room as the the medical staff do their rounds. Or if a single patient is being addressed by the staff then the record may either be updated at the nurses station or taken to the patients bed.

Chartholders are available for use in our trolleys or your existing trolleys

A variety of charts holders are available for our trolleys depending on your requirements. AA Hospital trolleys are designed to store all three of our ward chart holder styles; A4 ward chart holder in stainless steel, A4 ward chart holder powdercoated which are designed to suit the ergonomics of the hand. V-type chartholder with full width name holder also available.

Bed end or wall mounted patient record chart systems - baskets

Typical bed based systems include baskets to hold A4 ring binders. We even make extra large baskets for x-rays if you need them.

Bed end patient record chart systems - hanging type

Bed end chartholders are available in plastic or stainless steel. In sizes from A4 to A2, oriented in landscape, portrait, in fact anything you need. Available with ringtype metals or with bulldog clips.