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Georges Hall, NSW


Supplying quality products for over 50 years.
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Accounting firms will know us as Accounting Aids, we have supplied specialist filing and manual handling equipment including footrests, keyboard supports, special filing solutions and trolleys for a variety of purposes

Hospitals and Nursing Homes are well acquainted with the AA Hospital Equipment Co long standing range of ward charting equipment and specialist bespoke manual handling solutions

Pathology Laboratories have for many years stored their glass microscope slides, wax blocks and other specimens in AA Hospital‘s range of heavy duty steel filing equipment

A wide range of customers have also found our experience in the above manual handling areas particularly where storage and filing of unusual objects is required

AA Group is also well known as AA Matting Solutions for its range of safety floor matting which we have added to our portfolio, our customers in this area are from hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities

We understand customer needs and the requirement for reliable and genuine service, call us today about your needs.

Microslide & Parafin Block Storage Systems

Patient Charting & Record Systems

Safety Matting & Flooring Systems