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Lokmat & Loktile Easylay Tiles

Supplying quality products for over 50 years.
Safety Matting & Flooring Systems

Lokmat PVC Tiles - A durable, long lasting solution

AA Matting Solutions supply Lokmats and Loktiles which are made from 100% recycled PVC via an injection moulding process.

Standard Lokmat flooring 20mm thick, black in colour 
AA Group have supplied this style of Lokmat for many years, it’s virtually indestructible!

  • Medium for heavy traffic ways and soft for long term standing at workstations
  • Available with or without holes for drainage
  • Size mm: 500x500x20
  • Weight: approx 3kg per tile
  • Standard Colour: Black, other colours available on special order
  • Ramps: 500x200mm standard yellow and black, male and female dovetail interlocking lugs available
Safety Matting & Flooring Systems

NEW - Now available Easylay Loktile flooring:

A very tough and versatile solution, AA Group’s new Easylay lockable flooring tiles are now available

  • Attractive thin solution to high traffic areas, tough enough to drive over with machinery
  • Tile connection points are hidden once laid
  • Finished tile size mm: 490x490x7
  • Weight: 1.8kg per tile
  • Standard finish: Mild textured finish or low height truncated dome roundel finish
  • Colours available: Red, Black, other colours on request
Lokmat and Loktile Easylay installation could not be simpler as tiles and ramps are equipped with dovetail connections on all sides. This system facilitates a simple and quick placing of the floor, fitting the tiles and locking them into each other.
Lokmat and Loktile flooring systems are used today in refineries, distilleries, oilrig platforms, electro galvanizing industry, laboratories, chemical plants, soft drink industry, breweries, meat and fish plants, refrigerated warehouses, industrial kitchens, agricultural greenhouses, workshops, sporting facilities, etc. In general, any area where prolonged standing or walking is a requirement.
AA Matting Lokmat and Loktile floor solutions are almost unlimited with due to their anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. Lokmat and Loktile do not conduct heat or cold, nor electricity when dry and is completely rot and rust proof.
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AA Matting Solutions like to understand your problem so that they can offer the most workable and economical solution. The range of solutions is basically unlimited as our role is to solve your problem. Some of our available solutions include the products below.
Example Uses

Some of the solutions that AA Group has come up with for the use of Lokmat is quite ingenious, for example:

  • A customer who was contracting on a building site, connected a series of ramps on either side of a conduit and eliminated a trip hazard using a highly visible series of ramps in black/yellow alternating sequence.
  • An HSSE manager had a problem in a high traffic area within a zinc plating plant. She used Lokmats in a shared pedestrian and forklift zone. The Lokmats both marked out the pedestrian area for forklifts even when reversing and allowed safer pedestrian egress in a very damp area. Note that forklifts must have pneumatic tyres to be driven on Lokmat.
  • A frozen foods company used Loktile to reduce the impact of cold floors on it’s staffs feet when working for long periods of time in their freezers.
  • One warehouse had 30 staff who were standing on concrete floors, staff were complaining about the temperature of the concrete and the fatigue that they were suffering. Lokmat soft improved staff morale and work output dramatically.